Signs That you Need to Replace Your Roof

Once in a while a rooftop can normally arrive at the finish of its helpful existence without encountering a rooftop disappointment. It simply looks old and worn, and you are doing preventive upkeep on your home. 

On the off chance that supplanting an old rooftop is postponed, notwithstanding, it could bring about more serious issues as it were. So watch for the notice signs to make certain to give yourself a lot of time to add the task to your daily agenda. 

1. Dim streaks. Airborne green growth cause dull streaks on rooftop decks. While this may not really hurt the rooftop shingles, it may not look great. 

2. Greenery can develop on rooftop surfaces that don’t get a lot of daylight, particularly in cool, clammy environments. Greenery development can be in excess of a restorative issue. Greenery holds dampness against the rooftop surface and after some time in freezing environments can make harm the granules on the highest point of the shingles. Greenery can be dismissed however it will not keep it from developing once more; take care not to harm the shingle surface. You may have to contact an expert material project worker. 

3. Neighbors are getting new rooftops. Homes worked around a similar time-frame can be encountering similar sorts of climate conditions can imply that your rooftop is approaching its valuable life. 

4.The Shingles are Damaged 

With regards to shingled rooftops, search for shingles that are twisted or clasped. This is a certain sign that it is the ideal opportunity for another material establishment. Additionally, check for shingle granules in your drains. This shows that your shingles are excessively old. 

5. The Chimney Flashing is Worn Down 

Concrete and tar blazing wears out over the long haul. Ensure you investigate the blazing around your fireplace. Metal glimmering is normally a superior alternative as it by and large stays watertight. 

6. You Can see Light 

Gaze toward the rooftop sheets in your storage room. On the off chance that you can see sunlight looking through, you certainly have an issue. A normal family spends about 33% of its yearly warming and cooling financial plan on air that breaks into or out of the house through accidental holes and breaks. To set aside cash and forestall rooftop spills, you will positively need to employ a rooftop administration to do some genuine material fix and upkeep.

5 reasons why you should hire an interior designer

Contrary to popular belief, interior designing isn’t just about embellishing the home. Indeed, interior design is significantly more – think about deciding on the right materials and the things you need to add in it. Also, it will require a ton of time and innovativeness to set up an incredible plan.

1.    Do you have time?

The very first question that you should ask yourself is if you have enough time to manage everything. If you’re too busy at work or with your business, it is a sign that you should hire an interior designer who can devote his time to work on your interior design at least eight hours a day.

2.    Can you put together a good team?

Decorating or building your interior requires a good team to be successful. If you don’t have the correct contacts, assembling a decent group of laborers can be very troublesome. You may have different specialists like craftsmen, painters, and tile laborers to take care of business well.

3.    Do you have good ergonomics?

Ergonomics is defined as the applied study of arranging space to make a utilitarian plan which is pragmatic and tries not to make unsettling influences in the stream. Ideas like evenness and congruity in configuration likewise become an integral factor here. Here are more inside plan photographs by the right interior designers.

4.    Do you know where to source the right materials from?

Knowing the TYPES OF MATERIAL and AVAILABILITY of them is again a critical factor in giving your space an exceptional look. There are huge loads of assortment of materials that are accessible today on the lookout and furthermore introduction to worldwide business sectors is getting an ocean of changes in this field.

5.    Do you have what it takes to be a boss?

Do you have the initiative characteristics to be firm and push laborers and providers to fulfill your needs? Okay comprehend their language and phrasing? Whenever left all alone, a significant number of the laborers will likely take the alternate route and it would be a messy work.

Benefits of installing LED lights in your home

Using LED lighting has finally come of age. Almost every house in the neighborhood uses LED lighting to save energy. Even refrigerators use LED lighting. What you don’t know is that there are many other benefits of converting into LED and we are going to discuss it with you in this article.  

LED lights have a long life span.  

Without a doubt, LED lights last longer than other lighting options.  According to experts, the diodes of LED lightings can last up to 100,000 hours. This means that if you turn on your LED lights for 8 hours a day they can still last for 20 years. That is a lot of money and electricity you save down the road.

They are very energy efficient.

Have you ever wondered why your electric bill is not going down even if you have reduced your lights usage and appliances? The truth is old and obsolete lights and appliances have reduced energy efficiency. Converting to LED light will save you a lot of cash down the road because of its energy efficiency. It is estimated that LED lighting has an energy efficiency rating of 80 percent.

LED lights are eco-friendly.

Nowadays, installing LED lightings is not only a wise move to reduce energy consumption but a clever way to help the environment. LED lights are 100 percent recyclable. They help reduce the carbon footprint and heat wave that cause global warming. Imagine if your whole neighborhood would start using LED lightings. If there are 20 houses in your neighbourhood and every home can save as much as 20 percent of energy every month, it translates to at least 200 percent of energy savings for the entire neighborhood.

LED lights are very durable.

LED lightings do not easily wear out. Even after five to eight years, their radiance would remain the same as they were first bought. Since they are designed and built with strong components, they are built to last for years. They can withstand vibrations, shock, and other external impact. This makes LED lighting also a great option for your garage or porch, or any other external areas that need to be illuminated. Since LED lights are resistant to any kind of weather, you don’t have to worry about your lights getting busted whenever a strong storm comes by.

Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom is an essential part of the house. We don’t just do private things here but most people find comfort in the bathroom. To ensure utmost convenience, it is important that our bathrooms are designed according to our desires. Here are some smart bathroom remodeling ideas that you can follow if you are thinking of making modifications for your bathroom.

Recess for Extra Room

If you have a small bathroom, you can add more cupboards and drawers to put your things in place. You can add recessed soap dishes, medicine cabinets, and toilet rolls to ensure that your bathroom is very organized. You can also convert to recessed light to flatten your ceiling. This will make your bathroom look more spacious despite having a small space.

Add Ventilation for your Bathroom

You don’t want to sweat when you are in the bathroom. If this is the case, you need some type of ventilation in a form of properly sized window or exhaust fan. Find the right exhaust fan for your bathroom considering the size and capacity.

Change the Tiles

If you think your bathroom tiles are too old, you can replace them with something modern and trendy. You can browse a lot of inspirations on the internet from modern, asymmetrical, to minimalist bathroom type. In any case, make sure your bathroom remodeling will pay your effort. The outcome should be something you will love in the years to come.

Add to your bathroom

Adding plants is an important consideration for any bathroom remodeling. Plants can add the much needed color to your bathroom. There are so many indoor plants you can consider like succulents. You can try to put a shelf near the window where you can place your plants.

Pick the right tiles

If you plan on tiling your bathroom, it is essential that you pick the right color and size. If your bathroom is small, you can consider placing light-colored tiles to make it look spacious.  Nevertheless, using dark colored tiles will save you time

Add some mirrors

Adding more mirrors to your bathroom can expand the space visually. A lot of homeowners like to add additional mirrors aside from the mirror located above the sink. Making sure your additional mirror is placed creatively you can have an extraordinary bathroom.

There you go. We hope that these tips will help you for more bathroom remodeling efforts. Always remember, a bathroom can often reflect the personality of its owner. Keep it clean and neat.

Installing Crown Molding – DIY

Would you like to know about how to install crown molding? Also, do you want to add it yourself to your home? Installing crown molding is not as hard as most people think. It just takes knowledge about how to correctly install it and then anyone will be able to do it right. One of the hardest parts about installing the crown molding corners which can be a little tricky.

Let’s have a look at the most important steps that need to follow:

1. Most people skip this step, but this is not good thinking because this can make a huge difference between a quick and efficient installation. You should take the time to plan for the following things.

You have to choose the type and size of molding that you need

You also should make your decision that how much molding will be needed to complete the job correctly

And, you also need to know about how much adhesive and fasteners would be needed

2. Once the first step is done properly, it is time to get the supplies that will be needed to complete the job in the right way. Make sure you get the adhesive, fasteners, caulk and any other supplies and equipment that you may need. Before starting the installation job, you will be able to save yourself a lot of time and headaches.

3. Put all of your materials and tools in the same room so that everything is handy. If you find that there is something missing that will be needed then go and get it before the start installing.

4. You need to draw a solid wall all the way around the room to show the bottom edge of the molding. Make a second line on the ceiling for the projection of the molding onto it. Also, mark the wall studs and ceiling joists. Just be sure that all of the marks you have made will be visible when the molding is put up.

6. Start with the corner that will be the least noticed on because it is not always possible to get a good match on the pattern with the last piece. It is always a good idea to research this part of the process before attempting it because the more knowledge you have about installing it the easier it will be for you.

7. Once the adhesive has been drying for 24 hours, it is time to fill in the holes made by fasteners, caulk the top and bottom and then do a touch up with paint or paint it completely. 

When it’s all done, be sure to give it a good coat or two of glossy paint to really accentuate the trim. If you don’t want to DIY the paint, we recommend you call the cool guys over at BGB Painting.

Installing New Closet Shelves, DIY Tips

Today we are going to describe exactly how to install shelves in a closet. Actually, it’s pretty simple but there are lots of steps. In the beginning, you need to find out how many shelves you want and what size they need to be.

We settled on 4 new shelves, plus the original one already in the closet. We choose to leave the original shelf and the clothes rod hardware in the closet, just in case we ever want to convert it back to a clothing closet. We wanted two additional shelves that were the same depth as the original shelf, and then two lower shelves that were deeper.

So we needed 4 shelves, all the same width; two of them 11″ deep, two of them 18″ deep. We also needed a bunch of 1x2s to support the shelves, and 4 metal “L” brackets to support the center of each shelf because the shelves were so long we were afraid of bowing.

Sheets of MDF are significantly cheaper than pre-cut sheets of MDF or wood, so we choose to purchase two sheets of MDF and have our local hardware store cut it for us.

Once we got home with our pre-cut MDF and all our 1x2s, we laid them out in the garage so we could prime them. We learned the hard way while doing K’s board and batten that it’s easier to prime MDF before you install it.

We primed each board with two coats. Make sure you prime the front edge of your shelves as well. When the primer was dry, it was time to begin the install process. Sound strange? Well, you MUST insert all your boards into your closet BEFORE you start adding all your 1×2 supports.

If you add all your 1x2s first, it will be impossible to get the shelves into the closet because the opening of the closet is smaller than the actual closet.

Once your shelves are inside the closet, start adding your 1×2 supports. We added them all equal distance apart, so a little math was involved. We used our nail gun to attach all the supports, but you might want to consider adding a few screws into the studs for additional support.

Now we know you are itching to put those shelves up now, but you still have to get your center bracket into place. First, you should add a board a little wider and longer than your “L” bracket. The “L” bracket will screw into this board.

We added mine slightly off-center so they would line up perfectly with the bracket from the original shelf. Now it’s time to add the “L” brackets. Use some heavy duty screws when you attach the bracket to the support board.

And now, finally, you can pull the shelves up one at a time and plop them into place. We added several nails into the top of each shelf, down into the 1×2 supports below. You don’t want your shelf to budge, so adding nails to secure it is a good idea.

If you noticed, there are lots of nail holes and ugliness with your shelves. We filled all the nail holes with spackle and then we used caulk around all the exposed edges of the wood, just to give it a more polished look.

Once everything was puttied up and dry, we used a small foam roller to add two coats of semi-gloss white paint to the tops and fronts of each board. We also used a small angled brush to paint all the 1×2 supports. We really weren’t concerned about getting paint and caulk all over the walls because once the white shelf paint dried, we planned to paint the walls.

Hopefully, this will help you to realize that you can do stuff like this. Don’t get overwhelmed with the entire project, just take it one step at a time.

Waterseal Your Concrete Roof

Flat, concrete roofs are everywhere you look in Scottsdale, Arizona. This beautiful style of architecture has been here for decades.

Although you have chosen concrete for your roof due to its superior material strength, it doesn’t mean that it is not susceptible to damage from the elements.

Waterproofing is one way you can help prolong water damage from occurring earlier than anticipated and will inevitably help your concrete roof last longer. Waterproofing is a great way to protect your roof and your overall investment.

Protect your roof

Concert rooftops are exposed to the hot Arizona sun 24/7, so it’s absolutely necessary to ensure they are properly designed, to include waterproofing. Rooftop leaking can cause other issues throughout the house. Beyond water damage to the inside, water damage can also be found in your insulation, the drywall, the framing, electrical components, lights, and more.

Therefore, all exposed concrete should be protected with a sealer. This is a good time to not scrimp with the money and buy a top sealer.  A good concrete sealer will last around five years before reapplication is required. Resealing should be completed as regularly scheduled maintenance works and prioritized to prevent damage.

Prevent concrete cancer

Concrete cancer is unsightly and devastating to your roof?  Cracking exposes even more of the steel which leads to increased oxidation and further damage to the concrete. The belief that steel rods won’t come in contact with water because they’re surrounded by concrete is simply wrong. It’s important to understand that concrete is porous, and can absorb water. Failure to adequately waterproof can increase the likelihood of concrete cancer. 

How to Locate Roof Leaks

No matter how small a roof leak is, it can cause severe damage to your home if you don’t find the remedy on time. Roof leaks on your house could as a result of rotten decking, missing shingles and flashing and gaps around the chimney and skylights. You need to have a regular professional inspection for your home because it is the best way to prevent roof leaks. A special inspection should also be made after a storm. Here are some tips to help you locate roof leaks on time.

Inspect for damage after a storm

Most roof damages occur during a storm. You should therefore do a thorough inspection of your home and property after a storm passes. Check for shingle granules in the downspouts and gutter and also inspect for any missing shingles.

 Inspect your ceiling.

Water collects on the ceiling in most cases whenever a roof leaks. Monitor for yellow or brown stains on your ceiling which are indicators of roof leak.

Check the attic for water.

Go to the attic when it is still raining and use a flashlight the check for falling water. If you find water falling, mark that point so that you can carry out repairs afterwards.