How to Locate Roof Leaks

No matter how small a roof leak is, it can cause severe damage to your home if you don’t find the remedy on time. Roof leaks on your house could as a result of rotten decking, missing shingles and flashing and gaps around the chimney and skylights. You need to have a regular professional inspection for your home because it is the best way to prevent roof leaks. A special inspection should also be made after a storm. Here are some tips to help you locate roof leaks on time.

Inspect for damage after a storm

Most roof damages occur during a storm. You should therefore do a thorough inspection of your home and property after a storm passes. Check for shingle granules in the downspouts and gutter and also inspect for any missing shingles.

 Inspect your ceiling.

Water collects on the ceiling in most cases whenever a roof leaks. Monitor for yellow or brown stains on your ceiling which are indicators of roof leak.

Check the attic for water.

Go to the attic when it is still raining and use a flashlight the check for falling water. If you find water falling, mark that point so that you can carry out repairs afterwards.